Dredgers & Booster Station

Our dredgers fleet comprises of six specialized machine for the onshore dredging and offshore dredging. The onshore dredging we have DSC Marlin type Dredgers which are capable for long distance dredging for reclamation and stockpiling. The offshore activities particularly capital dredging, sea bed desilting we have the Suction Trailer Dredger which is specialized for deep sea and ocean dredging activities.

Booster Station

Our Boaster Stations are amphibious. These stations further enhance and extend our dredging distance by 20km. Our boaster stations are relocated to a floating pontoon which allows it to operate on water and can be recoupled to skid for terrestrial operations.

Our DSC Marlin Type Dredger as specified accordingly

Azikel Marlin Series 9300D Dredger (Lady Rachel)
Model No. MA-9300-300-76D
Preliminary Specifications


Overall Dredge Length (with ladder) 119’ (36.3m)
Overall Dredge Width 40’ (12.2m)
Hull depth 6’ (1.83m)

Operating Conditions
Digging depth
Minimum 5’ (1.52m)
Maximum 89.3’ (27.2m)

Sponson Dimensions (2) 94’ x 12’ x 6’ (28.7m x 3.7m x 1.83m)
Overall Hull Dimensions 94’ x 40’ x 6’ (28.7m x 12.2m x 1.83m)

Prime Mover
Prime Mover: Caterpillar 3508B
Prime Mover Rating: 1,000 HP (746 kW)

Cutter Hydraulics Mover
Cutter Hydraulics Mover: Caterpillar C15 ACERT
Cutter Hyd. Mover Rating: 540 HP (404 kW)

Aux. Hydraulics Mover
Aux. Hydraulics Mover: See Cutter Hyd. Above
Aux. Hyd. Mover Rating:

Capacities (US Gallons)
Hydraulic Reservoir 350 gallons (1,325 l)
Fuel 10,500 gallons (39,747 l)

Electrical System
All circuits fused for protection
Two (2) 1,000 cold cranking amp batteries
24 VDC for starting, lighting and controls
220/120 VAC for AC & Lighting

Lever Room & Control System
The climate-controlled operator’s cabin incorporates the latest in dredge control technology. Dredge controls utilizes a Programmable Logic Controller, known as a PLC, to control the functions of the various control circuits. PLC’s have been the standard in manufacturing automation since the 1960’s and is a reliable and time proven technology.

PLC and electronic/hydraulic controls facilitates the remote mounting of hydraulic control valves, removing the need to mount them under the control console. This removes the heat and noise associated with console mounting of hydraulic valves. The expandable PLC facilitates dredge operation, alarms, logging and custom settings. Onboard dredge diagnostics and setup screens provide fast trouble shooting and custom operating parameters.

Hydraulic System
All DSC dredges, utilize integrated load sensing, pressure compensated hydraulic components. This style of hydraulic system means the system only generates the hydraulic flow necessary to operate the system components at the speed set by the operator and the pressure demanded by the task. Since no oil is bypassed back to tank or throttled by pressure regulating valves, (the major source of heat generated in a system), the system operates with increased efficiency and at cooler temperatures. This not only reduces the power consumption but also reduces the required cooling, tank capacity, and filtration. In a typical hydraulic system where 50% of the system’s flow is demanded and 75% of the pump’s pressure is required for the task, a conventional fixed displacement system (found on older portable dredges) will consume 75% of the pump’s power, while a pressure compensated system (found on modern dredges) consumes approx.

50% of the pump’s power. DSC’s hydraulic systems, however, consume only 37.5% of the pump’s power. This lower power consumption equates directly to cost of operation, (even on smaller dredges) resulting in dramatic energy savings.


Cutter Module
Cutting force 25,972 lb (116 kN)
Operating torque 727,212 in-lb (83, 132 N-m)
Cutting force per linear inch 773 lb/in (135 N/mm)
Cutter diameter 56” OD (4.67m)
Shaft diameter7” (178mm)
Cutter rating 300 HP (224 kW)
Cutter speed variable 0-26.0 RPM

Dredge Pump
Suction 22” (559mm)
Discharge 18”/20” (457mm/508mm)


Dredging at a pumping distance of 300m is 1200 cubic meter/hr
Dredging at a maximum pumping distance of 1000m is 700 cubic meter/hr

Dredge Pump Reduction
True inline direct drive, single reduction gear with a 2.87:1 ratio. Reduction provided with torsional coupling and elastomer coupling.

Winch Specifications
Swing Winches (DSC 3600)
Line pull (Bare Drum)29,991 lb (135 kN)
Wire size7/8″ (22mm)
Drum capacity 540’ (165m)
Ladder Hoist Winch (DSC 5000)
Line pull 44,000 lb (196 kN)
Wire size1″ (25mm)
Drum capacity 510’ (156m)
Stern Winch ( DSC 2400)
Line pull 21,100 lb (94 kN)
Wire size3/4″ (19mm)
Drum capacity 515’ (157m)
Impeller diameter 40” 1016mm)
Nominal Head 210 feet H20 (64m H20)
Nominal Flow 9,300 GPM (587 l/sec)