Dredging is one of the core operations of Azikel Dredging Company, of which high level experty has been developed. Our activities in dredging includes Deeping and desilting of the sea bed, widening and maintenance of harbors, ports and waterways for improved navigation, land reclamation of swamp and land mass improvement. Our land reclamation is geared towards medium and large scale property development for real estates, towns and cities expansion.

Some of our developments are the major land mass reclamation for the development of Federal University Otuoke, the reclamation of 3 coastal communities in Rivers State and the major land mass sand filling of Azikel Refinery Project, the first private Modular Hydro-Skimming Refinery in Nigeria on a 50 hectares land size.

Every development is unique and we analyze and deploy specific equipment, technique and well trained skilled staff for optimal job execution and satisfactory completion.