Azikel Dredging is a family owned business started by Dr Eruani Azibapu, a medical doctor whose concerned among provision of good healthcare was also the concern for improvement of the  environment and good infrastructure. Dr Eruani commenced the sand retail business  in  2006 with the purchase for retail of sand from local sand divers. Dr Eruani upon earned the confidence of his customers and the demand to buy sand from him increased, Dr Eruani subsequently stepped up the business by hiring dredging machines to dredge sand for him for retail. Dr Eruani sand becomes the sand of choice in construction and other related activities in the Yenagoa metropolis.

Upon this success Dr Eruani incorporated Azikel Dredging Nig Ltd  for capital dredging, reclamation, sand stockpile and shoreline protection services in 2008. Azikel Dredging expands her business by hiring more dredging machines from contractor to meet the sand retail demand and reclamation services. In 2010 Azikel acquires her first owned Dredging machine and christened it Lady Racheal. Azikel Dredging has grown to a multinational dredging company of great repute in Nigeria in the past decade.Azikel Dredging headquarters is located at the ultra-modern Operational Base facility at Azikel Close, Obogoro (across Swali Market/Ekoli Bridge), Yenagoa in Bayelsa State.

Azikel Dredging is managed by professionals in various endeavors who sought to bridge the gap created by environmental and infrastructural developmental needs in the Niger Delta and Nigeria. Azikel Dredging is a subsidiary of  Azikel Group