Dredging & Reclamation

Dredging is one of the core operations of Azikel Dredging Company, of which high level experty has been developed. Our activities in dredging includes Deeping and desilting of the sea bed, widening and maintenance of harbors, ports and waterways for improved navigation, land reclamation of swamp and land mass improvement. Our land reclamation is geared towards medium and large scale property development for real estates, towns and cities expansion.
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Coastal Defense

Our Techniques for shoreline protection has overtime proven to be the best in the industry. We stabilized shoreline and protect the river banks from erosion and flooding. Several communities particularly in the Niger-Delta has benefited from our latest and modern methods.

We have protected coastal communities threatened by extinction from oceanic tidal effect and wave movement and subsequently regenerated the land mass lost.
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Sand Stock Pile

Azikel sand dredging production capacity is 33,000 tons daily. Azikel Dredging, processes all stockpile sand by removing impurities and drying the sand. Azikel Dredging supplier both high quality dry and wet sand depending on the customer needs. The cumulative stockpile of sand at Azikel Locations is over three million tonnages(3,000,000 tons) of sand, available for retail to individual contractors and construction companies.
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