Below are some of our completed projects

  • Reclamation and Sandfilling of 25 hectares of Swamp Land for the construction of Pipe mill by Nigerian Local Content Board
  • Reclamation and sand-filling of 22 hectares mangrove swamp of Abalama community in Rivers State
  • Reclamation and sand-filling of 19 hectares of mangrove Swamp of Bakana Community in Rives State

Azikel Dredging has significantly contributed to the infrastructural development of the Niger Delta and Nigeria. Some of these critical developments are in massive project infrastructure across the nation, like the East west road sandfilling, building of new cities, educational institutions and development in the oil and gas sector.


Some of the Projects executed and completed;

  • Stockpile of Two Million cubic meter of sand for Setraco Company for the Construction and dualization of the East/West Road.
  • Sandfilling and Reclamation of Otuoke Federal University Permanent Site for the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Sandfilling and Reclamation of 19 hectares of Swampy land with Two million five hundred cubic meter of sand for Azikel Petroleum for the development of Azikel Refinery Project.
  • Stockpiling of Sand in the Bayelsa Central Business District Yenagoa for Abbey Court Company.
  • Sandfilling of the Yenagoa Peace Park for the Bayelsa State Government
  • Sandfilling and Reclamation of Yenagoa Gardens, Bayelsa State with One Million Two Hundred Cubic Meter of Sand.