Azikel sand dredging production capacity is 33,000 tons daily. Azikel Dredging, processes all stockpile sand by removing impurities and drying the sand. Azikel Dredging supplier both high quality dry and wet sand depending on the customer needs. The cumulative stockpile of sand at Azikel Locations is over three million tonnages(3,000,000 tons) of sand, available for retail to individual contractors and construction companies. The stockpile and retail locations are Azikel Operational Base in Yenagoa, located across Swali Market Bridge at Obogoro, in Yenagoa by the River Nun and Azikel Onuebum Stockpile Base, located 15kms outskirt of Yenagoa, Azikoro/ Otuoke road at Otuogori Village.

The Sand and Aggregate Retail is into specific grades of sand with flexible
pricing. Azikel premium stockpile of sand ranges in grades of;

* Fine Sand
* Coarse Sand
* Gravels
* Filling Sand/Mud

These specific products are retailed in various tonnage to individuals,
contractors, wholesale buyers and corporations from our two stockpile Bases
at Azikel Operational Base Obogoro Yenagoa and Azikel Otuogori Base

Our automated loading system at our stockpile bases use the loadrite software weighing loading system and further confirmed by the electronic weighing scale, delivering sand in specific and exact quantity in tons and kilograms. This ensures that our customers and client have full satisfaction for the quantity and quality of sand purchased.

We haul and deliver sand to customer’s location and construction sites using our modern terrain specialized Iveco and MAN Diesel trucks. We have 57 specialized air-conditioned auxiliary wheeled Iveco and MAN diesel trucks that can access all types of challenging terrains to deliver sand at the comfort of  our clients and customers