Azikel is engaged in dredging and reclamation of swampy areas.  Azikel’s Marlin dredger christened Lady Rachel has amazing sand-production capacity. It is a cutter dredger with a submersible pump, with a ladder digging depth of 27m, with suction of 22 inches and discharging 20 inches. Azikel Dredger is used for the dredging of lakes, canals, and creeks and rivers and offshore site for the purpose of access of big vessels and also for oil exploration.

The dredging services of Azikel include stockpiling and well as river crossing for pipelines and canalization. Operations with Azikel Dredger are efficient, with the services of Azikel Multi Cat Workboat christened MV ALLWELL, which moves and repositions the dredger within the split of a second.